Scoopy's Series

Brief Series Overview

  • 18 standalone episodes are currently available.

  • The episodes are non-linear, thus allowing flexibility in the viewing order. This freedom of choice creates an atmosphere of a natural learning experience with its own advantages over formal education.

  • Each episode focuses on a different theme & provides enjoyable learning experiences.

  • Additional episodes can be produced on demand and within a short time frame.

  • Innovative with significant cross-platform potential.

  • Character-driven (further details below).

  • Presents a vivid learning environment, visual effects and audio explanations.


Global Series


  • Aiming to become a worldwide phenomenon because many people all over the world wish their kids will learn English in an early age.

  • We have developed a teaching method that appeals to many kids around the world

  • We are just beginning to realize Scoopy's vast global potential - more than 180 different countries already watch Scoopy's YouTube Channel.

Scoopy’s Background

Children today are technology oriented, demand immediate gratification and have an insatiable curiosity. They are exposed to mature themes too early and lack entertainment that speaks the technology-rich language they are accustomed to. Scoopy transforms that by providing kids with content that is both technologically advanced and morally enriching. 

Educational and Technological Elements

  • Scoopy was developed with the help of pedagogical linguistic consultant and after beta testing with children, parents and educators.

  • The unique series offers children content served in an interactive way that takes advantage of the latest technological tools available.

  • and fun way.

  • Eye-catching visual graphics and interactive touch features that mimic smartphone and tablet gestures will encourage kids to play, learn and interact with Scoopy in an easy

  • We provide children from all over the world the basic tools they need in order to succeed.

  • We believe that technology can give kids from all over the world the chance to access and enjoy modern education.

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