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About Scoopy


Scoopy promotes the values and skills parents want with the entertainment kids love!

Scoopy is a 3D animated series that takes kids on exciting adventures through a magical futuristic virtual world while providing them with English language fundamentals in addition to promoting life and moral skills such as environmental awareness, healthy nutritional habits and non-violence.


It is a one-of-its kind interactive Edutainment series inspiring pre-school kids to learn English in addition to morals and values such as helping others and being polite – while having fun!

Scoopy Offers  

  •          Content that is technologically advanced and morally enriching.

  •          Extraordinary virtual worlds.

  •          Surprising kids’ humor.

  •          Significant English learning skills.

  •          Important educational values.

Scoopy – The Main Character

Scoopy is a magical, colorful, funny and friendly animated parrot.  He is a memorable, grounded character that kids relate to.

In addition to being entertaining, he also serves as an extraordinary educator who teaches important educational values and English in a simple, fun and entertaining way. He is dedicated to helping kids cope with the challenges they are facing.

He is very curious and constantly intrigued by the world around him. He often embarks on new adventures and goes out of his way to learn new things, meet new friends and help others.

Kids love to learn from him because he is amusing and witty. They enjoy the colorful imaginary world that Scoopy introduces to them and greatly identify with his human personality and character. Scoopy loves his viewers as well. He is a child at heart – without being childish.

Scoopy faces his own challenges and does his best to succeed but he sometimes falls and fails.  His failures evoke laughter from the kids, and also teach them that it is OK to fail! And even if they fall, it always worthwhile to get up and try again!

Scoopy loves technology and has futuristic technological knowledge and abilities. He lives in a virtual world with endless possibilities!

The Girl

Scoopy was created by a girl from the real world. The girl has the ability to influence and control the events and experiences that Scoopy goes through while he is in its virtual, futuristic world, where everything is possible and anything can happen.

The girl learns as she watches him. In a way she is his personal assistant: she turns the videos on and off, moves between screens and thus creates new realities. She often helps him but sometimes she interferes and by doing so creates laughable moments together with Scoopy.

Scoopy’s World

Scoopy lives in a virtual and computerized world . We can catch a glimpse of his world by using our touch screen in our mobile phone, tablet or computer.

He lives in an infinite, futuristic and imaginary world inspired by gamification elements in which anything can happen. Scoopy creates new realities by changing his backgrounds thus transporting the viewers to new realms.