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Scoopy is a 3D animated series that takes kids on exciting adventures through a magical futuristic virtual world while providing them with English language fundamentals in addition to promoting life and moral skills such as environmental awareness, healthy nutritional habits and non-violence.


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Scoopy's Series


  • 18 standalone episodes are currently available.

  • The episodes are non-linear, thus allowing flexibility in the viewing order. This freedom of choice creates an atmosphere of a natural learning experience with its own advantages over formal education.


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Scoopy's Trailer

Cross Platform Elements in Development 

  • Cross-platform app – Complementary experience for the little fans, will run on iOS, Android and Windows, allowing them to play with Scoopy and learn even more.

  • Unique interactive website that will encourage learning and acquiring new life skills.

  • Online Store where merchandize of Scoopy and his friends can be purchased.


Roadmap - Where the Series is Heading to


The series focuses on providing the sufficient vocabulary of ~2000 important words serving as an essential tool box for kids and helping them to connect and express themselves in an English-speaking-environment.

The kids’ vocabulary is divided to several categories and topics which will be the focus of the next episodes.



About Us


Refael Productions is a boutique creative firm that specializes in high end marketing video clips, advertising strategies and digital production.

Refael Productions was founded in 2006 and since then has been creating award winning media and interactive features for international clients. 

Refael Productions has a 3D animation studio and state of the art technological capabilities.


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